Can you tell us the speed test of your vps?

Sure. The following are the speed test from our vps to several location:

  • local DC
  • LA USA
  • Germany
  • Egypt

Keep in mind that speed may vary based on the activities of the user on that day. Every vps has shared 250Mbp/s port.

  • Email, SSL
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Is it shared?

No! You the only one who have access to the vps!

Is it shared IP?

Nope! All of our vps has their own dedicated IP!

Does it using RAM burst or shared?

Nope! All of our vps using their own dedicated RAM. No ram burst or shared with other user.

Can I insinstall anything?

You can install any software that you like as long as the resource of your vps still available.

Can I run software 24 hours?

Yes! You can run your software or bot for 24 hours, no need to worry about.

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